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Educational Exchange

The 21st Century Institute is dedicated to facilitating and promoting international communication in education. Over the decades, we have developed a large number of programs tailored for students, school teachers, and technical and managerial professionals from administrative departments of education from foreign countries and the United States. 


The Educational Ambassador Program is tailored for teachers and school administrators from foreign countries. By visiting government sectors, educational institutions and schools in the United States, program participants can have a comprehensive understanding of the advanced educational concepts and experience abroad and thus enhance their own managing and teaching ability. Involving higher education, basic education and vocational education, the subjects of training vary in accordance with the development goals and topics of interests.


The EduChina Program, on the other hand, is the educational exchange program designed particularly for American educational practitioners and administrators. With our depth of resources in the Chinese education and government sectors, we are able to arrange high quality visiting and learning events for program participants to know more about the educational practice and current educational development in China. We also encourage our program candidates to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and achieve constructive communication with their Chinese counterparts. 

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