The 21st Century Institute developed a rich array of programs for government officials and professionals from various industry sectors. Our programs convene thinkers and doers from China and the United States who are committed to advancing the public interest.


For over three decades, our Institute has created hundreds of programs in response to shifting needs and requirements and focused its exchange and educational programs on governance and legal affairs, education administration, economic development and management, innovation and entrepreneurship, mass communication, cultural exchange, and other global concerns like environmental protection and urbanization. Our programs - mostly three weeks or less - are developed to offer the opportunity for Chinese officials and professionals to focus on global issues and sustainable solutions for their local issues. We have also developed programs longer than two months and encouraged Chinese participants to strengthen their ability and increase current knowledge and skills by cooperating with their American counterparts in the real working environment.


Through these outreach programs, face-to-face contact, and forthright exchange of ideas, program participants from the two countries could find the common ground for problem-solving and draw strength from each other. We take pride in the work we do to promote constructive engagement between the United States and China and increase understanding of each other through our programs.

Adapting to the pandemic brought on by Covid-19, we shifted our focus to leveraging our contacts in China to bring PPE to the United States.  We have successfully distributed thousands of face masks and medical goggles to support our local communities.

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