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Cultural Exchange

We believe culture is the fabric from which national identity is woven.  We are proud of the many cultural exchange programs we facilitate each year, involving groups who are interested in experiencing Chinese culture.  Participants include business leaders, academic scholars, teachers, high school choirs and artists.  A typical group will visit for customized programs lasting 10-12 days.


While in China, American groups meet with Chinese counterparts, giving them a chance to show their own talents and interests while observing how those same practices change and grow halfway across the world. Additionally, tours are organized around the group’s interests, from more commonly known destinations like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to out-of-the-way locales like ancient opera houses and scenic temples. They will also experience Chinese culture through conversing with Chinese artists and the locals. Indeed, our programs strive to work with each individual group and accommodate their requests, creating an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.


We also introduce Chinese cultures to American local communities. We believe that culture allows us to connect, enrich, and empower our community. Collaborating with community cities and villages, we have presented cultural shows each year to bring authentic Chinese culture to local communities. 

If you are interested, please contact:

Annie Yuan, Office Director


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