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A Bridge, A Window

We are dedicated to serving as a window reflecting history, culture and spiritual world globally, building a bridge to enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and providing a platform for international dialogue and cooperation in social, educational and business development. 

What We do

Our Servuces
Cultural  Exchange

We promote Americans' exposure to various cultures in partnership with communities and municipalities.

International Cooperation

We facilitate foreign direct investment in the United States and cooperation between foreign countries and American municipalities.

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to serving and supporting local communities in health, education, culture, and business involvement.

Educational Exchange

We organize exchange programs for Education practitioners, administrators, and students in the foreign countries and the U.S. to promote mutual learning.



Our rich experience of transnational communication and in-depth resources globally makes us a great partner for you and your group to deeply and comprehensively understand the world, observe solutions from a brand new perspective, expand opportunities, etc.  

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